New Fork City is a profitable, revenue generating business, partnering with exceptional multi-national brands, local restaurants, and food vendors. With over 850,000 organic followers on Instagram and 950,000 submissions to our hashtag #newforkcity, we post photos to the account daily. New Fork City has become an effective way for brands and restaurants to market their products and reach their customers and target audience. New Fork City has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, London Times, Refinery29, and Cosmopolitan.

Contact us by emailing newforkcity212@gmail.com.


Co-Founders of New Fork City℠

Natalie Landsberg


I can survive on crispy rice, pizza and ginger dressing. My passions include film photography, Wes Anderson movies, and attending music festivals & concerts. If I was stuck on a desert island, my last meal would be Rubirosa’s vodka pizza and anything topped with truffle. Currently attending Syracuse University & majoring in Advertising.

Gillian Presto


Some people’s days revolve around working out or their job; my day revolves around eating. I can be found searching the city frantically for avocado toast, spooning FroYo into my mouth at Chloe’s and Culture or bingeing on any snacks I have in my house. I enjoy making people laugh and eating (obviously!) Currently attending Lafayette College.

emilyEmily Morse

I suffer from boredom eating, where the second I find myself with nothing to do I go to the kitchen and eat everything in sight. Currently embracing an avocado obsession, and cheese is and always will be the key to my heart. Currently attending Emory University.